Strava Tips 1

Strava Tips and Tricks Whether you are an avid Strava fan or new to strava TCoB wants you to get faster with this great tool.  Through August we have 3…

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Resetting for 2020

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Triathletes are often goal oriented, type A go getters.  2020 has presented a challenging year and while some things are returning to normal others are still on hold.  Why train? …

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COVID-19 Season Kick Off

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2020's season starts Monday and as excited as we were to offer a new schedule with more lake swimming for now we will be training individually but not alone.  We…

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How do records fall?

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Over time world records in swimming have improved, swimmers are getting faster.  What is their secret?  The answer is likely a combination of many things from improved nutrition, training methods…

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The Untold Story of a bike

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A special thank you and congrats to past club member Paul Goodrow for sharing his poetry with us. Trekky's Tale We all ride bikes. And we’ve been to bike shops…

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