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COVID-19 Season Kick Off

2020’s season starts Monday and as excited as we were to offer a new schedule with more lake swimming for now we will be training individually but not alone.  We have revised the focus of the workouts planned for May and June based on the upheaval from Covid-19 and in awareness that there are no races in the near future.

This is a great opportunity to increase base training. Remember the slow steady gains made through
base training are longer lasting and less susceptible to atrophy or detraining. There is however a case
that can be made for some intensity work. The workouts laid out are built with assumption that the
present physical distancing environment will remain until the end of June. If this changes the workout
focus will also change. Stay fit, say strong and stay positive!

Monday & Wednesday Strength
The program will assume you have NO equipment other than a mat, your body weight and some odds
and sods of normal life around the house/back yard
Tuesday Brick
The goals of the brick workouts are 4 fold
1) Obviously to increase your bike/run and cardio fitness
2) To do some intensity work to push your threshold and indeed your pain threshold a little higher
3) To get your body accustom to changing from a bike dynamic to a run dynamic quickly
4) To fill up time since we all need some structure in this environment
Thursday Track
This is definitely an exception to the objectives noted above. This will be an intensity based workout
(much like Friday’s bike workout). Remember this needs to be quick but not so you feel like throwing up
after each interval or set. This should be zone 4 work or keeps you somewhat short of breath. Ideally if
you were in the midst of an interval you should be able to get out a few words to the folks working out
around you – but not so hard you feel you are hyperventilating and unable to catch your breath.
Friday Bike intervals
As noted for the workout on Thursday, knowing the intensity is key. With cycling there may be a little
more muscle specific fatigue (i.e. your legs will be sore) rather than central fatigue (breathing and heart
rate). But you may be lucky enough to experience both 😉
NOTE: the workouts specified assume a warm up of your own design. It should be sport specific, very
slow to begin with and move towards a few more intense spurts. The entire warm up last 5-10 minutes
Train on!

Every week the suggested workouts will be laid out for members in Team Snap.  Photos of training are encouraged on Facebook and Instagram.