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Muskoka 70.3 Race Report by Lynn Keane

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Let me say this off the top-I am new to this exciting – incredible world of Ironman Triathlon.
That said I was prepared for Muskoka’s IM 70.3 –aptly named Beauty and the Beast this past Sunday.
But what you can only glean from years of racing in triathlon is experience.
My issues in the water and on the bike were not about fear or being undertrained. They were common challenges.. Goggles fogging that sort of thing…What I took away from Sunday was about accepting and adapting when things change on race day- when issues beyond your control conspire to beat you up ..
As the frustration mounted especially on the final miles of the bike (see wasted energy) I finally grabbed a hold of my mind and said” you didn’t just spend the last 6 months training for this day to give up” .
And so in T2 I threw on my shoes and headed out for the run leg and tried to be nice to myself and have gratitude for what was ahead of me!
Lynn Keane