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Member Moment – by Jessica Mahler

I grew up playing competitive hockey and soccer and as I got older and that finished I was constantly looking for new challenges. My friend convinced me to join her for a sprint triathlon in 2018 and I enjoyed it so much I completed a second sprint and an olympic distance later that year. After moving out west for 2 years to hike and snowboard I have returned and am pumped to be back with TCoB and training for triathlons. 

What are my plans for 2021? This year I am focusing on building a strong base for triathlon (especially on the bike) and completing some climbing goals and courses to hopefully climb the chief in Squamish some day. Other non activities things I have going on this year is my wedding at the end of July and trying to renovate the house we just purchased as fast as possible for move in. 

What part of triathlon are you looking to improveI hope to focus on swimming this winter. I always struggle with dedicating time to it because I’m just so bad at it. I always know I can finish a race once I get through the swim. But this winter I hope to join some of the classes and really get into it. My goal to do a 1/2 Ironman next year will hopefully keep me motivated about it.