New! 2022 Winter Season workouts

2022 Winter Season Workouts

*See Team Snap for details on each workout/to RSVP/to complete your health check prior to attending. 

Currently on offer:

TUESDAY RUNS: Meet at LaSalle Park at 6:30 PM weekly on Tuesdays for a fun run with intervals and hills.

WEDNESDAY PM VIRTUAL CYCLING: Join us over Zoom each week for a progressive and effective workout! You can see each week’s workout in advance on Training Peaks, or you can just show up and be surprised. Optionally, you can sync to Zwift/Trainer Road/etc. for those who use those platforms. For additional information, including set-up help, please see the instructions and FAQ.

THURSDAY PM VIRTUAL YOGA: Join Susan, our certified yoga instructor, for a special yoga for triathletes session via Zoom. 

WEEKEND POOL SWIMS: Back on! Please note the swim program is only open to those who have registered

Previous summer season info for reference

2021 Summer Season workouts

*See Team Snap for details on each workout/to RSVP/to complete your health check prior to attending. Please note that all workouts currently have a 10 person limit due to local COVID-19 restrictions – ensure there is space prior to RSVP-ing on Team Snap*

TUESDAY PM BRICK: We are trialing a new location for our flagship brick workout this year! Brick (bike + run) is being held at Joe Sam’s leisure park in Waterdown for the month of June – feedback welcomed! We are currently offering 2 time slots starting 30 min apart (6 and 6:30 PM) to allow for more people to attend. 

THURSDAY PM TRACK: We are back to holding these at Central High School in Burlington, 6:30 PM each week. Grab your running shoes and Andrew P will make sure they see some action on the track!

FRIDAY AM BIKE INTERVALS: Get your workout done bright and early! 6 AM, Palladium way in Burlington. 

SATURDAY AM LONG RIDE: We will have a long ride on offer most weekends (usually on Saturdays). Check Team Snap to see the location, distance, meet up time, etc. 

We are also still offering Wednesday evening virtual Yoga sessions by Zoom. No COVID limits for this one – see Team Snap for details and link.