Woodstock a Great Season Opener by Vanessa Gardiner

Woodstock a Great Season Opener by Vanessa Gardiner

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Woodstock a Great Season Opener

Saturday June 6th was the kick off to MultiSports series (sponsored by Milk) in Woodstock.  The event took place at Pittock Conservation, which is slightly north of the lovely downtown of Woodstock.

The temperature of the water was warmer than expected at 20C that morning.  Weather was almost perfect.  Early morning racers faced some headwinds at the start of the bike but the later racers (like myself) were fortunate as the winds died down substantially. The overall temp was great and the day was sunny.

The swim was smooth with very little chop.  The course was easy to navigate the markers were extremely easy to see.  The transition area was well laid out as were the swim in, bike out, mount, dismount etc.  The only caveat is that there was a large transition between the swim and bike given the terrain and condition of the road.

The bike course was rolling hills with two turn-arounds (testing our skills) but all in all it was a nice fast course.  We were on country roads with a lot of space but the roads were not closed to local traffic.

The run was around the conservation pool and went into town for the sprint and to the dam for the “give it a tri”.    Fairly flat.

I would say this is a great season opener, it’s a fast race and is great for first timers and for anyone that wants to learn the sport.  I will likely do this one again next year.

Vanessa Gardiner