TCoB Awards Criteria

TCoB Awards Criteria

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Here is the list of Awards and criteria for the End of Year Banquet.

We would love your input, so if you know of someone who meets the criteria, please let us know before Monday September 28th.

Meredith Spirit and Energy

Emulating the attributes of the late Meredith Hagan, this athlete is a positive influence on all members both at workouts and races. They posses a vigorous, courageous and optimistic attitude. Their smile and friendly nature makes them a natural team builder and they help out whenever they can.

Most Improved Athlete

The recipient of this award has made marked improvements in their athletic performances this year and are a familiar face at many workouts. their 100% effort is reason for their accomplishments.

Rookie of the Year

The recipient of this award is a new member to the club this year, as well as new to the sport of triathlon. They may have a strong background in one or two of the disciplines in triathlon, but this was their first year of competing in the sport. They have finished in the top 10, and/or on the podium in their age group in many races. All of these nominees share a new found passion for the sport of triathlon.

Athlete of the Year

This member consistently places on the podium for their age group in races. They possess attributes such as positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination. They are and active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events. The recipient of this award always strives for the best and gives top effort.