Summer Workout Schedule: April – Sept. 2012

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Summer Workout Schedule:

Tuesdays:  Brick:  6:30 pm, from Bayview Crematorium, 740 Spring Gardens Rd.  Beginning on May 1st.

Wednesdays:  Hilly Bike Ride: 6:15 am, from Neworld.  Beginning on May 16.   Open Water Swim at Gulliver’s Lake at 6:00 p.m.  Beginning on May 23.

Thursdays:  Track workouts:  6:30 pm, at MM Robinson High School, 2425 Upper Middle Rd.  Beginning on May 3.

Fridays:  Interval Bike Ride: from First Parking lot on the Hamilton side of the Lift Bridge.  Leaves at 6:15  am.  Beginning on May 25

Saturdays:  Long Run: from Neworld at 7:30 am.  Beginning on May 5

Sundays:  Swim &/or Bike &/or Run:  9:00 am, from Beachway Park on Lakeshore Blvd. Beginning on June 10.  Swim depends on water temp.

Monday:  Your day off!