LA Fitness TCoB Indoor Triathlon – Sun, Nov 19, 11am-2pm


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Join us once again for another LA Fitness indoor tri! Sunday, November 19 from 10:30am-2pm

LA Fitness: 1326 Brant Street


Participants are asked to check in at the front desk and complete a waiver.

Please bring a lock and all other gear needed to participate in swim, bike and run. Towels are NOT provided.

Swim – pull buoys or lava shorts (cheater shorts) are allowed, as they are similar to wearing a wet suit.

Bike – you must weigh yourself prior to starting the bike – this to establish the correct resistance to be used as a function of your body weight (see chart below). Bikes are equipped with toe cages and SPD (mountain bike) clip in pedals. The bikes do have water bottle holders. NOTE personal music devices are acceptable on the bike and the treadmill.

Run – this will be on the treadmill using a self-selected speed and a standard 1.5% incline grade

Scoring is noted as below, although we are competing for pride not prizes!


LA Fitness are providing their facility at no cost, all are welcome with no guest fee.

$10 fee to TCoB club members, $25 to non-club members, $25 for all relay teams

All fees will be used for post race food and refreshments at Turtle Jacks (Mapleview)


20 min Swim

20 min Bike

20 min Treadmill Run

5 min transition time btw swim/bike and bike/run

Swim – 2 swimmers per lane with a lane counter volunteer (the person going in the water next counts for the person before them)

5 min transition

Bike – the bikes at LA have a trip monitor the total amount of Trips is your bike distance – the resistance used will be based on body weight

5 min transition

Run – is on the treadmill – and is self-selected using 1.5% grade throughout


Swim 1 point for every 100y swam (ie. .01 points for every yard swam – mid lap finishes will be estimated.

Bike 1 point for every “trip” (1 “trip” is 200 revolutions of the pedals)

Run 3 points for every KM run (ie 1 point for every .33 of a Km)

Example for me

Swim 20 min swim 1000 y = 10 points

Bike @ 85 Rpm, 20 mins = 8.5 trips = 8.5 points

Run (estimate) 6 mins/ km = 3.33 km = 9.99 points

Total score 25 points


Bike – Gears to Weight

Weight Gear
110-124 8
125-139 9
140-154 10
155-169 11
170-184 12
185199 13
200-214 14
215-229 15
230-244 16
245-259 17
260-274 18
275&up 19


Additional information

Registration Options

Individual – TCoB Member, Individual – non-member, Team Relay, Board Member