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IM Mt. Tremblant race report by Stephanie Nogueira

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This past Sunday myself and 2352 fellow athletes approached the start line at Ironman Mont Tremblant to embark on what as a blistering day filled with emotional and physical ‘ups and downs’ (no pun intended regarding the bike course).  I have always said I was incredibly proud to be part of TCOB and support their athletes towards achieving their triathlon goals.  On Sunday, I could not have been more proud to be affiliated with such a world class club, as I had the chance to feel the support, motivation, camaraderie and love TCOB is known for.  It was heart warming to hear the cheers, words of encouragement and support both from the side lines during the race and within the race from our TCOB members.  I receiving a hug and wishes of luck before the swim start from one member.  I headed my name being cheered from the side lines, received a quick high five when finally finishing the gruelling bike course, and a punch to the sky designating a triumphant effort through the run.  This is TCOB!   Always there to support and cheer for you.
I love triathlon, I work hard for my patients and am very passionately about helping each athlete I work with get to the start of their race with confidence, strength and being injury free.  To receive that same passion from our members was uplifting.  I want to say thank you.  Thank you for enduring the long Ironman day and cheering for us.  Thank you for pushing us through the heat when you yourself where equally enduring the conditions.  I look forward to supporting and cheering our TCOB members at Ironman Muskoka as I volunteer as part of the Medical Team.  I will be in the medical boat during the swim start to send you off on your day, and at the finish line to welcome you home.  Finally, I will also be at the medical tent in the late hours of the night helping to comfort your aches and listen to your story of the days events.  May the waters be calm, may the bike be forgiving, and may your run legs stay fresh.
And finally, Congratulations to all of our members who pushed through the days events, not just last weekend in Mont Tremblant, but throughout the race season.