I survived my first Ironman in Lake Placid

I survived my first Ironman in Lake Placid

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The day was originally forecast for cooler temps with chances of thunderstorms…and totally unexpected it was sunny and VERY hot (I think somewhere it was said it hit 33 degrees)…

It made the last part of the ride and the run brutal!  Out of the 2500+ athletes that started the race only 2100 crossed the finish line.  I saw many athletes hanging over the sides of the roads being sick… It made a very challenging course even that much more !

I can’t speak for Roger but I am very glad to have the opportunity of starting and completing this IM as my first and proud that I had the chance to wear the BLUE and YELLOW of TCoB that day (although I didn’t do it proud with my performance…but I survived it!)

Julia Rutledge