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Challenge Yourself and Try a New Race, by Alex Boyer

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Training Ride for Paris to Ancaster Race:  April 6th, 9:00am.  Meet at Ancaster Community Centre, 385 Jerseyville Rd.

Here is something that may interest you if you are tired of doing the same training and the same races.  Often as triathletes we challenge ourselves by trying to do the same thing over and over.  We may push to get faster or go a bit longer each time, but why not try something completely new?  Something that might bring the fun back to your training and maybe even help you develop new skills.  This year I propose three different events to add to your schedule so you can challenge yourself.  These three events include:  “Paris to Ancaster” in the spring, “Mine Over Matter” in the summer and “Epic 8 Hours” in the fall.  I will organize special training days for all of those events.

The first event is “Paris to Ancaster” on April 27. It is a 70km mountain bike race, but if you are not sure you want to do the whole thing, there is also a 35km option starting in St-George.  It is a mountain bike race, but on a non-technical course: mostly gravel and dirt path. Because of that cyclocross (road bikes adapted for the off-road) are getting more and more popular at that race.

I have done this race in all weather conditions.  The first year I was wearing only bike shorts and a jersey enjoying the sun and another year I was wearing winter gloves, shoe covers and my whole winter outfit while getting hit by hail and snow. Never the less, it is fun every year! This year, being two weeks later, the ground should be dryer and the chances of snow are not so high, but at this point, I believe anything is possible.

This is the 21st edition of the race and it is very well organized.  There are different waves so you can decide if you want to race or ride the course.  There is transport between the start and the finish and a safe place to lock your bike while you shower and grab some food.

I believe it is a very fun race and that anybody with a mountain bike in their garage should do it.  Especially for everyone who spent countless hours on the trainer this winter and does not want to wait until June to test their new bike fitness in a triathlon race.   This is the race to do.   The first training ride to prepare for this race will be Sunday, April 6th.  We will leave from the finish line (Ancaster Community Centre, 385 Jerseyville Rd.) so we all can enjoy this race’s last hill.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the last kilometre of “Paris to Ancaster” is a giant and very challenging climb up hill, but seeing everyone cheering you up makes it somewhat easier.  So challenge yourself, and try a new race!

Alex Boyer

If you would like to participate in the training ride on April 6th, please RSVP to Alex at:

To sign up for the Paris to Ancaster Race, or find out more about it, CLICK HERE