2014 TCoB Award Presentation

2014 TCoB Award Presentation

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The Year End Banquet on November 1st was a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the club and its members.  Congratulations to everyone for training hard, racing well and being active, this summer.  Everyone deserves an award for pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do.  For many, that meant getting out to as many workouts as they could fit into their busy schedules.  For others, it was winning their age category and for others it meant crossing the finish line at their first triathlon this summer.

We would like to recognize some members for their contributions to the club, and for their accomplishments over the year….   Click on the link to have a look at this years – Award presentation 2014

This Year’s nominees and Award winners…

Meredith Spirit and Energy        Presented by:  Claudia

Emulating the attributes of the late Meredith Hagan, this athlete is a positive influence on all members both at workouts and races.  They posses a vigorous, courageous and optimistic attitude.  Their smile and friendly nature makes them a natural team builder and they help out whenever they can.

Samantha McLellan

Have we ever had a more positive, outgoing effervescent member?  Always accentuating the positive and omitting the negative, Sam is truly a joy (and somewhat tiring) to be around.  We all recognize that big smile at all our workouts.  Starting off as a SO TRI participant last year, Sam made a big jump right up to IM this year.  So Captain McLellan of the Burlington Firefighters had an exemplary year that included:  Mercedes Benz 5k spring,  Welland ½ Ironman,  Peterborough ½ Ironman ,  And a 12:46 finish in her very first Ironman – in her 2nd year of racing!

Rob Perry

Rob Perry – is so reliable and eager to help. I always knew I could turn to him when I needed someone to cover for Paul and I at the Saturday morning workouts.  Rob has also been instrumental in securing many of the door prizes tonight, as well as being at most races this summer with the TCoB tent.  He lead many Sunday bike rides this summer, and organized and lead  the fall colours bike ride a few weeks ago.

Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson – loves training with the club and has genuine interest and support for everyone. Paul did the Worlds Sprint Triathlon in Edmonton this year and also qualified to compete in the Worlds Sprint Triathlon 2015 in Chicago.

Eric Fabian-Humes

It may be hard to believe, but Eric hasn’t even been a TCoB member for a full year yet.  Joining last winter, Eric jumped right in with an energy and spirit that gets anyone around him going.  With his bright yellow shorts (that match the TCoB kit perfectly), Eric was seen at many races cheering on fellow athletes – if he wasn’t racing himself.

And the Award goes to…  Rob Perry

Most Improved Athlete….  Presented by Alex Boyer

The recipient of this award has made marked improvements in their athletic performances this year and are a familiar face at many workouts.  Their 100% effort is reason for their accomplishments.

Dorothy Johns

Dorothy Worked extremely hard at the track workouts, and made steady improvements over the summer.  While its difficult to compare races, Dorothy’s run pace improved from a 5:30 at the beginning of the summer to a 5:02 by the end of the season.

Julie McKeen

Julie joined the SO TRI group in March and made almost all of the workouts during the 26 week program.  Julie was already an accomplished swimmer, and had pretty good skills on the bike.  Her run was something she worked extremely hard on, and it paid off – she took off almost one minute from her 1km time trial.

Rebecca Winter

In 2014, Rebecca cheered as her good friend Jenn Kaufman crossed the finish line in the IronGirl Tri.  That was when she set the goal for herself to finish the race in 2015.  With help from Jen and the SO TRI program, Rebecca not only finished the IronGirl race, but also two other triathlons this summer, and two 5km running races this season.  She concurred her fear of open water swimming after realizing there are no alligators in Gulliver’s lake, and pushed herself beyond her comfort zone on the bike.  She learned to juggle a busy career and young family to improve her fitness and over all health.

Debra Lazaro

A graduate of the SO TRI program just last summer, Deb finished her first triathlon last year in the middle of her age group.  After a dedicated year of training, Deb placed in the top 5 of her age group in all of her races this season.  Deb trained hard this summer and continues to improve. She’s running the full marathon tomorrow morning at Road to Hope, and will be training for her first IronMan this winter, preparing for Mt. Tremblant next August.

Tammy Farell

Tammy was also a SO TRI participant this summer who started off with the group in March.  She always gave each training session her best effort, and was never without  a smile and positive attitude.  Tammy’s hard work and consistent effort in training paid off as she placed 5th in her very first race this summer.  She continued to improve over the summer – posting a faster run pace in the IronGirl in August.  Tammy helped out as a volunteer at Mine Over Matter and helped prepare many of the door prizes this evening.

And the Award goes to……      Debra Lazaro

Rookie of the Year……….  Presented by Helene

The recipient of this award is a new member to the club this year, as well as new to the sport of triathlon.  They may have a strong background in one or two of the disciplines in triathlon, but this was their first year of competing in the sport.  They have finished in the top 10, and/or on the podium in their age group in many races.  All of these nominees share a new found passion for the sport of triathlon.

Olivia Lyon

Olivia loves to run.  So much so that she has completed a 50km ultra marathon this spring, and plans on doing many more.  She also loves to swim and bike, and so, after a summer of working out with the club, and having never competed in triathlon before, she raced in her first sprint, and then decided to do a half ironman at the end of the summer.  She finished 8th and higher in all of her triathlons this year.

Mike Pegutter

Mike was a SO TRI participant this year, coming to the sport of triathlon with a background in a bit of each of the three sports.  His natural ability as a runner (he can run a lot faster than he lets on), allowed him to place well at all of his three races this summer.

Leah Ricciuti

New to triathlon this year, Leah has been a runner for a while.  She completed many half marathons with her dad and then took some time off to have two little boys.   She now balances training for three sports, work, her family and does it very successfully.  Leah did 5 races this summer and ended up with two firsts, a second and two third place finishes.

Diane Daymond

Diane comes to triathlon from a discipline that may seem unlikely to produce results in our sport.  Diane was a ballet dancer for most of her adulthood, and has translated that grace and dedication into some winning results at triathlon races this summer.  She raced her first try-a-try in July and won her age group.  She then raced in the IronGirl and finished 6th.  She was a SO TRI participant this spring and summer, who always gave her best effort.

And the Award goes to……    Leah Ricciuti

President’s Award….. Presented by Margaret Dorio

The recipient of this award has been a significant presence in the club, has volunteered their time and talents and workouts and special events.  They have been a special assistance to the president over the past year.

This year, there are two people that are receiving this award….

Hélène Desrosiers:  Created the look of the Triathlon Club of Burlington with an outstanding new uniform design.

Shawna Button:  Has been instrumental in planning and organizing many social events over the last year.

Life Time Achievement Award – Paul Allingham

Paul’s “Lifetime” in endurance events has really been limited to the 20 years between his 50’s through his 70’s.

Who really starts the journey on their lifetime at age 50+? It just goes to show you how you can be “mature” chronologically but still be vital, young and targeting new goals and activities in your youth – even if that youth begins at 50.

Paul’s high school sports were the fairly typical basketball and football. What wasn’t typical is that Paul continued to play each sport well into his 40’s and football til he was 50 years old.

Paul started his endurance sport participation in 1994 with his first sprint tri in on a rusty garage bike in St Johns.

He moved into longer endurance runner in 1998 with his first ½ Marathon.

As part of the Canada Fit program in 2002 he became a marathoner.

This Marathon training had a huge impact on Paul and his family.  He talked wife, Joanne into taking part in the marathon walk, his daughter Tara began running along with her husband Jason.  Tara’s first marathon was with her 3 month in vitro baby (to be named Elle).  So I guess Elle did her first marathon at minus 6 months old!! Alongside (or inside) her mother and alongside her grandmother, Joanne.

Paul got back into triathlon on the behest of his posse of ladies – Anne Beales , Mary Louser and Nancy Brown.  These ladies had a vast impact on Paul, keeping him accountable, motivated and forward focused.

So Paul has really influenced many of his colleagues, compatriots and 2 younger generations into endurance sports.

At 70+ Paul has had a miraculous 2014 with a formidable race schedule for someone half his age:

Victoria ½ ironman – won his age category,  Toronto Sprint tri – won his age cat and raced with his daughter,  Magog national championships – won the sprint race,  Edmonton Worlds – competing in Aquathon, sprint tri and Olympic tri – represented Canada as our team Flag Barrier on home turf,  Mont Tremblant World Long Course championship ,  And finishing the season with a win at the Barrelman ½ Iron where he raced again with his daughter.

Paul has packed so much into his Post-Fifty year old “Lifetime”, his energy, enthusiasm and forward focus are still vital and still influencing so many people around him.  Paul is a true ambassador of our sport, our club and those in the much admired 70+ age category – with lots more to come.

Male Athlete of the Year……..  Presented by:  Greg Pace

This member consistently places on the podium for their age group in races.  They possess attributes such as positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination.  They are and an active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events.  The recipient of this award always strives for the best and gives top effort.

Tim Brady

Despite a demanding job with long hours Tim trained hard on weekends and did very well in his races peaking at the Bracebridge triathlon with a first place finish amongst a competitive group. He qualified for the Worlds Sprint Triathlon 2015 in Chicago and competed this year at the Worlds in Edmonton.

Alex Boyer

The attributes described in the criteria for this award fit Alex to a T.  He has been a very active member of the club for more than 7 years, leading workouts including the Wednesday swim, off road mountain biking and many times filling in for Greg at the track and brick workouts.  In each of his races this season he ended up on the podium in second place – finishing among the leaders overall in each race.  You will never see Alex without a smile during a race – except at the end when he’s trying to catch that first place guy in front of him !

Paul Allingham

At 70+ Paul has had a miraculous 2014 with a formidable race schedule for someone half his age – Victoria ½ ironman – won his age category, Toronto Sprint tri – won his age cat and raced with his daughter, Magog national championships – won the sprint race.  Edmonton Worlds – competing in Aquathon, sprint tri and Olympic tri – represented Canada as our team Flag Barrier on home turf.  Mont Tremblant World Long Course championship.  And finishing the season with a win at the Barrelman ½ Iron where he raced again with his daughter.

Chris Jocelyn

Chris is in one of the largest and most competitive age groups out there.  Being male and between 40 – 44 years old is almost like racing in the pro category.  Yet, Chris competes and finishes consistently on the podium.  He came 7th out of 355 in his age group in IM Wisconsin this year, 1st out of 146 in the Missassauga Marathon (2nd overall), and 8th out of 567 at Around the Bay.

And the Award goes to… Alex Boyer

Female Athlete of the Year….. Presented by Shawna Button

Sonja Bedic

At every race Sonja had big smiles and words of encouragement for everyone.  Sonja qualified for the Worlds Sprint Triathlon 2015 in Chicago.  She finished in the top 10 of all her races this season, with podium finishes in 3 of 5 triathlon races.  Sonja has been a very active participant in many TCoB special events and training days, including Peach Bud brick, Fall bike ride, Vertical mile and much more to come for sure.

Lori Stewart

Aside from being a busy Mom and a full time Doctor. Lori has been racing triathlons for almost 10 years now.  She has consistently been at the top of her age categories, often times finishing in 1st, 2nd or third.   She was able race in over race in over 5 triathlons this sumer and post these fantastic results:  2nd in the Binbrook Sprint, 1st in the Welland ½ Iron, 2nd in the Tim Hortons Peach Bud 10km, 1st in the Lakeside Olympic Triathlon, 4th in the Austin Texas 70.3 just last week

Christine Walsh

Aside from a questionable Professorship at U of Calgary (like is she ever at work?)  Doctor Walsh has this amazing easy going attitude, light view of the world, mainly because Chris views RULES and the conventional simply as  guidelines.  This gives Chris a unique refreshing view of the world which makes her a joy to be around and she will always keep you thinking.  Chris’s race season was truly out of the ordinary.  Starting the season with a 2nd place finish in Ironman Austria, then a third in the Niagara Sprint, then off to Edmonton for the Worlds, jetting back to the east for the Mont Tremblant 70.3 worlds and concluding her season with a 3rd place finish in the ½ Iron Barrelman.  A great season and a laser focus on her 2015 makes 2014 a foundation for what comes next.

Tanya Hewson

Tanya did her research and made her plan then executed it superbly. She trained hard and did 11 races (9 triathlons and 2 running races) and placed first in all except 1!!! Tanya competed in both the Provincial  and National Sprint Triathlon Championships and was first in both races securing her spot to compete in the Worlds Sprint Triathlon 2015 in Chicago.

Kim Davidge

Along with her husband Piers, Kim was a familiar face at many races this summer.  Starting her season with the Raleigh 70.3, Kim finished in the top 10% of all her races this season.  She competed in all levels of triathlon from sprint to half IronMan distances making the podium in 4 out of 8 races, with a top 10 finish in the rest.

Bethany Timmerman

Bethany – At the Valens duathlon the run course was not marked well and Bethany ran something like 8K instead of 6 so was pushed out of the running for a medal. She handled the incident with grace and the following weekend she came back even stronger at Guelph Lake duathlon to win the race.  Bethany qualified for the Worlds Duathlon Championship 2015 in Adelaide, Australia.

And the Award goes to… Tanya Hewson