Get a workout in AND help clean up some of our favourite biking and running routes! We have started a plogging (picking up litter and jogging) challenge to accomplish this:

Members will commit to picking up a ~1 km distance on one side of the road or more.

Check out the map and segments listed below, then click on the link to enter your name to claim a segment.

Bags will be supplied by the club and available at Neworld or members can supply their own.

Please take a picture of yourself and your helpers wearing TCoB shirts at the area you are cleaning up.

Ideally, drop your filled bag(s) at Neworld so we can take one big pic of all the trash we were able to clean up.

Get ready and let’s contribute to the community we derive so much joy from!

Claim your segment and update when completed here:

SegmentClaimed by (Name)Challenge completed (Y/N)
1A: Snake Rd - ND Motherhouse to Bruce Trail
1B: Snake Rd - Bruce Trail to ND Motherhouse
2A: Snake Rd - Bruce Trail to Old York Rd
2B: Snake Rd - Old York Rd to Bruce Trail
3A: Old York Rd - Snake Rd to Gates of Heaven
3B: Old York Rd - Gates of Heaven to Snake Rd
4A: Old York Rd - Gates of Heaven to Plains
4B: Old York Rd - Plains to Gates of Heaven
5A: Plains Rd - Old York to Hillsdale
5B: Plains Rd - Hillsdale to Old York
6A: Hillsdale - Plains Rd to 1382 Snake Rd
6B: Hillsdale - 1382 Snake Rd to Plains Rd
7A: Snake Rd - 1382 Snake Rd to Old York
7B: Snake Rd - Old York to 1382 Snake Rd