Welcome! We are so happy to have you join our team!

Important Points to know before you register:

For 2020 – When entering information for the Triathlon Ontario membership – Select affiliation.  Enter “Triathlon Club of Burlington” as your affiliation to get the club athlete discount rate.  Note “TCoB” will not work.  Your club athlete discount for Triathlon Ontario will automatically be applied IF you buy both memberships at the same time.

      • You must sign up for ALL 3 memberships; TCoB, TriCan and Triathlon Ontario
      • When you are registered you will see a summary screen.  If you would like emailed receipts you can click to send the receipts.  Otherwise they can be retrieved through your CCN profile.
      • For those that have a previous Triathlon Ontario membership, your email will exist with a profile but you may need to reset your password.
      • If you have additional questions or concerns about registration please continue to the FAQ section below.  Otherwise click the button to proceed to registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I am I entering the same information multiple times?

We apologize for this inconvenience. The process is new and we are working to improve it. Currently the double information occurs so that both the club and TO collect the information they need.

Why do I have to buy both memberships to TCoB and Triathlon Ontario?

In order to have access to the TCoB benefits you need a membership to both organizations. The Triathlon Ontario membership will provide you with a year subscription to Triathlon Canada Magazine and provide insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is needed to partake in the TCoB workouts and will also allows a discount at most races. More information about the TO membership can be found here. http://triathlonontario.com/members/

How long does it take to get the Triathlon Ontario membership card to present at races?

Once you sign up you will be able to access your TO membership card through your profile on CCN.  See next question for the specifics.

I can’t see how to get my TO membership card. What are the specific instructions?

    1. Login to CCN – https://ccnbikes.com/#!/login
    2. Click on your name in the right hand side menu
    3. Click on My Memberships
    4. Select the current year Triathlon Ontario Membership
    5. Once here you should see an option to download a PDF of your membership card.

Did the club increase prices?

TriCan prices increased this year from $5 to $15 and some of this cost has been absorbed by Triathlon Ontario.  TCoB elected to hold membership pricing the same as 2018.