Race Reports and Fathers Day Redemption by Paul Allingham

Hi gang,
This is two race reports from consecutive weekends from Guelph and Mont Tremblant.
First Guelph on Fathers Day when I persuaded my two daughters, Tara and Kerri, to join me in doing the Sprint Race for “my” day.  They had little choice so they took it out on me and beat me for the first time.  The only part I beat them in was the swim – my skills are still efficient there.  But both of them beat me in the bike and the run, especially the run where my performance was dismal.  Oh well we had a great Fathers Day and I finished 4th in my age group.
Then on to today in Mont Tremblant where my son Mark joined me in the Sprint and did his first triathlon.  He lives in MT now with Shauna and our 5th grandchild, expecting our 6th next month.  He did very well although not training the swim and lack of experience in that part was his difficulty and I beat him enough there that he couldn’t catch me in the run where he is much faster.  So redemption was mine.  And I did finish 2cd in my age group. I’ve said I might retire if all my kids beat me this year so I guess I have another year to endure and/or train harder.  Special congrats received at the awards ceremony from a TCOB club mate Helen Desrossiers was a surprise.  She was there waiting to do the half Ironman tomorrow.
A few photos from Tremblant that Joanne and Shauna took and from Guelph that Jay took are attached.