Oro Valley Sprint Triathlon Race Report by Paul Allingham

Last Saturday March 25 I did my first race for the 2017 season with my daughter Tara here in Arizona.  It was a great weather day just a bit cool at 7 am at 50F with the sun rising over the Catalina Mountains for the 800m serpentine swim up and back each of 8 lanes in the Olympic 50m pool at the outdoor Oro Valley Aquatic Center.  Then 2 loops on the bike course with a couple of decent hills and 2 loops on the flat run course on the road and park around the pool in quite warm weather by then 70F going towards 80F in the afternoon.
Tara and I started about 7 min apart in the wave time trial like start, but finished with exactly the same time.  Actually we were 0.7 seconds apart similar to the Toronto race last year.  Guess that’s what happens when you train together.
I did win 2cd in my age group and Tara was 7th in hers.
All in all a great day followed the next day with 2 of my grandkids Natalie and Adam doing the half mile kids race and my son – in – law Jason doing the hilly half marathon in the Arizona Distance Classic. Tara and Joanne and I were cheerleaders for that.
Sadly we head home this week after 2 months in the sun in Arizona just before Greg Pace’s training camp here. We’ll spend a few days in Utah on the way seeing where John Wayne and others shot movies in Monument Valley and the to Moab and Canyonlands.
But looking forward to training outdoors at home and racing with my other daughter Kerri who is getting more serious about triathlon and doing a Sprint in Mont Tremblant with my son Mark in his first ever triathlon.



Today I finished my very first Century Ride. Something very cool and humbling about setting a goal and achieving it. Especially, when it involves others with the same goal.

The first 38 miles were fine, albeit with some wind to deal with. A short stop and off again to 54 miles.
Because of the distance I really focused on nutrition and electrolytes ( the temps were hovering around 85 degrees). I set my Garmin to alert me every hour so I wouldn’t get behind with fuelling.  I also went into the ride fully hydrated and carbed up’! The last break we stopped a bit longer to eat. We were at 76 miles. As we headed out for the final push my legs and mind were not in harmony. This was pay back time. So I pushed a super light gear until I felt better and we had a reprieve from the stronger winds.
I kept saying to myself ‘one more mile’.

Staying as present as possible, relying on one another and listening to my body got me through every one of those 103 miles.
So that was my first Century Ride. But what follows is the reason I was able to complete the distance. My longest ride had been 96 ish kilometres in July at 70.3 Muskoka.
First, I think we are all Stronger than we think we are. We ride all year.
And Greg Pace consistently implores us 1. Find a pace you can ride all day and stay with it.  2. Keep that cadence steady. Strong. 3. Move around the seat. Stand up. Do anything to change positions 3. Ride relaxed.
So with those lessons firmly implanted in my mind and body  I completed my first Century Ride.
Lynn Keane