Congrats to the TCoB Award Nominees!!

Awards will be announced at the Year End Banquet, tickets available here.

Meredith Spirit & Energy Nominees

Emulating the attributes of the late Meredith Hagan, this athlete is a positive influence on all members both at workouts and races.  They possess a vigorous, courageous, and optimistic attitude.  Their smile and friendly nature makes them a natural team builder and they help out whenever they can.

Melissa Perry is responsible for organizing all TCoB socials.  Her warm smile and demeanor is always seen.  Melissa has welcomed many new athletes into TCoB.

Paul Goodrow is a very active in all workouts and is always happy to lend a hand to fellow athletes.  Paul always has a smile on his face and is very encouraging to new comers to the club and those who have been here for years.

Rob Turnbull and Sara Reimer have their presence and support is felt at many races, often travelling some distance to attend. Both Sara and Rob are always happy to provide encouragement to athletes of all abilities on both race day and in training.

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Most Improved Athlete Nominees

The recipient of this award has made a marked improvement in their athletic performances this year and are familiar face at many workouts.  Their 100% effort is reason for their accomplishments.

Lyle Zary is an accomplished runner, having qualified for Boston and NYC Marathons multiple times. Lyle turned his attention to triathlon the past few seasons with incredible results. Despite living outside of Burlington, he consistently made it to early Friday morning bike intervals and every simulation day on the calendar.  He completed triathlons with a variety of distances finishing the season with an impressive 5:08:28 finish at Niagara Falls Barrellman 70.3.

Alex Boyer is always challenging himself to try new things and encouraging others to do the same.  His smile and leadership in the Thursday track workouts benefitted many members and helped him prepare for the ITU cross triathlon world championships in Australia later this month.  His strong cycling and running gained him some impressive results this season including a sub 5-hour finish Steelhead 70.3 in August.

Leah McCann is known for her perseverance and hard work. She consistently made it to as many club workouts as she could (at least once per week) while balancing work and 3 active boys) and consistently pushed herself to the limit.  This allowed her to have a season of PB’s including her first Olympic distance triathlon, Northshore Challenge 3.8km swim, a 39th overall placing at Irongirl and 3rd in her AG at Barrelmann 70.3 Swim/Bike.

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Rookie of the Year Nominees

The recipient of this award is a new member to the club this year, as well as new to the sport of triathlon. They may have a strong background in one or two of the disciplines in triathlon, but this was their first year of competing in the sport. They have finished in the top 10, and/or on the podium in their age group in many races. All of these nominees share a new-found passion for the sport of triathlon.

Craig McDiarmid has had a busy year.  After a 17-year absence from running he took up the sport of triathlon and has had a whirlwind year.  He has completed a number of races, including 2 half ironman’s (Steelhead and Barrelman) with results in the top half of his age group.  He has also completed three international marathons and is training for IMMT in 2017.

Brian Cox is a speedy, strong runner with many 10K’s and half-marathons under his belt before this year.  This past spring, he joined the TT101 group and improved his swimming and cycling tremendously.  He was always smiling (even when Lake Ontario was freezing!) and always finished the workout he started. Brian completed 3 sprint triathlons this season and continues to bring his friendly personality to many club events.

Matthew Wise is an accomplished cyclist and has completed a variety of cycling events and coached cyclists to improve their skills.  He decided to start running again and added swimming to the mix and completed his first triathlon at the Woodstock sprint.  He competed in 2 other triathlons before capping the season off with a top 25% finish IM Ohio 70.3.  He loves the sport of triathlon so much that he has registered for his first full – IMLP in 2017.

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Broken Helmet Nominees

The name of this awards speaks for itself… no explanation here.

Andrew Ponsen was riding his bike and was hit by a car which broke his collar bone.  Andrew was determined to get better and come back stronger than before.  He stuck with Physio and strength training and was able to get a race in by the end of the season and also completed a charity bike ride; ride to refuge.  Andrew also plans on riding across the country in support of his church.  He has also been supporting the club in many different ways such as the Pier to Pier swim as boat support and our unofficial photographer.

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Greg Stoneman was riding in a school zone and was cut off by a bus which threw him to the curb or the chance of being run over.  He suffered a broken collar bone which he had to have surgery for.  Greg is trying to get better and is still suffering with pain.  Hopefully we are able to see him come out to some workouts and get back at in the saddle again. (pardon the pun)

Tanya Hewson after a year of foot issues that rendered Tanya unable to race was finally able to get back into training and hit some loose gravel only to wake up to a dump truck driver standing over her.  Even covered in road rash along the side of her body still continued to train as best as she could and encouraged people along the way.

Female Short Course Athlete Nominees

Sprint and Olympic distance: this member consistently placed top 10 in their age group and or podium.  They possess a positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination.  They are an active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events.

Beth Deazeley decided to up her game this season after completing 7 races and winning Rookie of the Year honours last year. This energizer bunny completed 9 short course races, Ironman 70.3 in Muskoka and capped the year off with an Ironman in Louisville.  Beth won her age group in 3 of the 9 races and placed in the top 3 in the remaining 6 races.

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Leah Ricciuti was the TCOB Rookie of the Year recipient in 2014. Leah continued her dominance in short course races by winning her age group at the IronGril Sprint and competed at the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Cozumel.

Marlene Line took a year hiatus from triathlon racing, and she returned with a vengeance. She completed the Welland Sprint and Bracebridge Sprint and placed 2nd in her age group in each. In addition to her own success, she has paced Chris Jocelyn to podium finishes in short course races this year.

Female Long Course Athlete Nominees

Half and full Ironman distance: this member consistently placed top 10 in their age group and or podium.  They possess a positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination.  They are an active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events.

Christine Walsh is the ultimate training partner. She knows how to inject humor into tough training sessions and takes things in stride when conditions are less than optimal. Chris also has a unique gift of writing the most hilarious race reports, for which TCOB is grateful! Chris placed 5th in her age group at Ironman Mont Tremblant and 6th in her age group at the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Cozumel.

Katherine Kay is a dedicated member of TCOB. You can’t miss her beaming smile and desire to give nothing less than her best at each workout. Her energy is infectious! She completed Muskoka 70.3 placing 9th in her age group and Ironman Mont Tremblant placing 7th in her age group.

Helene Desrosiers placed 3rd in her age group at Ironman 70.3 in Mont Tremblant in June and won her age group at Ironman Mont Tremblant Full in August, qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona!  Helene is a familiar face at practices and group rides. She typically arrives at the start of a group ride having already done 50-70km and looking as fresh as a Parisian on an afternoon stroll.

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Male Short Course Athlete Nominees

Sprint and Olympic distance: this member consistently placed top 10 in their age group and or podium.  They possess a positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination.  They are an active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events.

Alex Boyer with his strong cycling and running has gained him some impressive results this season including the Niagara Sprint Triathlon placing first out of 15 and the Xterra Off road Sprint placing 4th out of 15, thus securing a spot at the off road ITU World championships in Australia in November.

Kevin Brady has had a very impressive year starting with the Gravenhurst Sprint placing 3rd out of 24, then carrying on to the Canadian championships placing 6th out of 24th and then going to Bracebridge placing 2nd out of 24. He finished off the season with the ITU world championships in Cozumel placing 28th out of 40 in the Aquathon and 54th out of 82 in the Sprint triathlon.  Way to go Kevin!

Chris Jocelyn doesn’t just go out there, he goes out there with the determination to kill the course. He started off his season with Woodstock Sprint and placed 1st out 19, continued on to Welland Sprint and WON THE RACE!  You can find Chris at the front of the wolf pack leading the way!

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Male Long Course Athlete Nominees

Half and full Ironman distance: this member consistently placed top 10 in their age group and or podium.  They possess a positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination.  They are an active member of the club, participating in workouts and special events.

Chris Jocelyn does not only do short course but he does long as well, where he went on to the Kingston Long course finishing 1st in his age group and 11th overall.  Then went on to the Demi Espirit de Montreal where he finished 1st in his age group and 5th overall qualifying for the world championships in 2017.

Congrats on your win!

Eric Humes lives a busy life. With a schedule like Eric’s; teaching and working why not put 2 Ironman’s back to back within a month!  Eric started at Ironman Canada in beautiful British Columbia and then went to Mont Tremblant finishing both races in the top 20.

Tim Deakon is new to the club and has been a constant face at Brick work outs.  He started his year in Muskoka 70.3 and finished 3rd out of 55 and then followed that up with racing the world’s best in Kona finishing 68th in his division while having the flu!

President’s Award

This award is at the discretion of the president to recognize outstanding contribution to the club.

Shawna could not decide on one person.  There are two people who continuously helped her throughout the year in different ways. These two people have been dedicated to the TCoB and have put in many hours working to make TCoB better.
Melissa Perry is responsible for doing such an awesome job of organizing the Banquet, all of our fun socials and posting many informative Facebook posts in the TCoB group. She is always asking how she can help and if she can do more.
Larissa Robinson is the person in charge of the TCoB website and is always available to help, and is very knowledgeable. We have been known to be working on TCoB things over the phone at 12 midnight some nights.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is not given out every year.  It is reserved for outstanding contribution to triathlon over time.

Margaret Dorio was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award this year.  Margaret is a gift to TCoB.  Most people are exception in one or two ways but Margaret is exceptional at being exceptional.  As an athlete, she is a fierce competitor with many accomplishments.  The sheer volume of her race history is impressive, add in the podiums and Kona, you get exceptional.  As a club member, she has become a club staple.  Her work ethic is clear, as there are few TCoB workouts and events she misses.  One can always count on Margaret for encouragement, motivation and great advice.  Her experiences are shared with of us.  She has served on the board in multiple capacities including Club President.  Again she is an exceptional club member.  As a person, Margaret defines generosity and service to others.  She shares not only her cottage, her home and her time but also she gives herself.  On long rides no matter the speed you will find Margaret at the front and the back of the riders, checking in to make sure everyone is doing alright.  For Margaret, it is not a sacrifice to decrease her workout intensity in order to be of service to other athletes.  As a person, she is exceptional.  As someone so young, she would have to be beyond exceptional to have accomplished so much to be this year’s recipient of the Lifetime achievement.  For Margaret, the “lifetime” part was a challenge she conquered.  We have no doubt she will go one seeing this award as another reason to continue to be exceptional.

For this year forward, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be known as the Margaret Dorio Award.