New 2012 Uniforms will be in by mid July

  • Helene Desrosiers has placed the order for the new, 2012 club uniforms.    Once the order is delivered in mid July, Helene will bring the pieces to each brick and track workouts.  If you have any questions regarding uniforms,  Please e-mail Helene. 

    Here are the items for sale: 

    Arm Warmer:  $25  (small to be re-ordered, medium and large in stock)

    S/S RS Mens Jersey:  $75 (size XL and XXL to be re-ordered, large and medium in stock)

    Women’s Fizz Tank:  $45, in size small, medium and large

    Evolution Sleeveless Jersey:  $65, in size small, medium, large, and XL

    Men’s Tri shorts:  $55, in small, medium, large and XL

    Women’s Tri shorts:  $55, in small, medium, and large

Tire changing session and Pro Photographer, Jessica Douglas at brick this Tuesday

Hey All TCOB members – if weather holds for the Brick Work Out Tomorrow night – be sure to wear your team colours, we will have our TCoB pro photographer, Jessica Douglas on site catching all the action!!!

Also – remember it is the second tire changing session before the workout.  Starting at 5:30 pm, Greg Pace will lead us thru getting the back wheel off and on your bike.

Pace Prescribes. Training article by Greg Pace, PACEPerformance

Another Brick in the Wall, By Greg Pace PACEPerformance

A brick in the wall is a good way to consider each of your workouts.  You are building a wall of fitness and every time we do a workout our fitness will get better, our fatigue will grow and (with recovery) we grow stronger from the fatigue.  Therefore our mantra should be “Fatigue is an opportunity”

So why are bricks so helpful?

A bunch or reasons:

One it is a workout – and workouts make us stronger (within reason and with the proper recovery)

Two – it is race practical. We all do a brick every race.   So the brick should be race specific

Three – Blood flow – when it all gets boiled down – we are servants of blood flow.  Heart rate, stroke volume, oxygen carrying capacity is all about blood flow.  So the third goal of the brick is to get your body use to doing the quick change from blood flow in our bike muscles to blood flow to our running muscles.

We are all owners of these amazing machines (no, not your new speed concept Di2 bike – your body!!).  The more we put ourselves in the position of demanding blood flow from one area to the next, your smart machine, gets very good at making the transition.

We have all felt that heavy leg feeling as we start the run.  The more we challenge our bodies to make the quick change from bike to run the less pooling of blood in those bike muscles and the quicker we get up to our natural (albeit fatigued) run speed.  And we all know the winner of the race is not the fastest – it is the person who slows down the slowest!

Some basic tips – 1) do at least one brick workout per week and do it at a relatively high intensity. This will greatly facilitate adaptation.   2) get your body ready to run even as you are on the bike.  In the last 500meters switch to a lighter gear, stand up and run on the pedals – get that quick turn over while weight bearing on the your feet and legs.

And finally – don’t forget the swim to bike brick – learning how to remove your wet suit quickly is a huge asset.   Create a T1 “system” so it becomes wrought – figure out what to put on when and do it the same way every time.  Remember the swim to bike transition also includes that brutal swim to run to T1 challenge.

Practice makes passable, perfect practice makes perfect – do it right and do it often.

And have fun making and learning from your mistakes!!

Open Water swim starts May 23. Early morning Friday ride starts May 25

Join us at Gulliver’s Lake for the first open water swim session of the season.  We will meet on the beach at the far end of the lake by the picnic tables.  Starts at 6:00 pm. and goes until approx. 7:00 p.m.  Wear your TCoB yellow cap if you have one.

The early morning Friday ride starts this Friday, May 25 at 6:15 am.  We will meet in the first parking lot after the lift bridge on the Hamilton side.  We will do intervals along the bike path.  Ride will finish by 7:30 am.

Tire Changing Clinic tonight before brick and… First Open Water Swim this Wednesday

Come out at 5:30 tonight, Tuesday May 22 to practice changing your tire.  Greg Pace will lead us thru changing the front tire this week, and taking our rear tire on and off next week.  If you have these tools, please bring them:  Tire levers, CO2 cartridges, adaptor.  If you don’t – you will find out what they are, and how to use them.

First Open Water swim is this Wednesday, May 23 at Gulliver’s Lake starting at 6:00 p.m.  We will meet at the far end of the lake, by the beach.  For directions to Gulliver’s Lake click here.  A $6.00 entry fee applies.  Bring your wetsuit.