Summer Workout Schedule: April – Sept. 2012

Summer Workout Schedule:

Tuesdays:  Brick:  6:30 pm, from Bayview Crematorium, 740 Spring Gardens Rd.  Beginning on May 1st.

Wednesdays:  Hilly Bike Ride: 6:15 am, from Neworld.  Beginning on May 16.   Open Water Swim at Gulliver’s Lake at 6:00 p.m.  Beginning on May 23.

Thursdays:  Track workouts:  6:30 pm, at MM Robinson High School, 2425 Upper Middle Rd.  Beginning on May 3.

Fridays:  Interval Bike Ride: from First Parking lot on the Hamilton side of the Lift Bridge.  Leaves at 6:15  am.  Beginning on May 25

Saturdays:  Long Run: from Neworld at 7:30 am.  Beginning on May 5

Sundays:  Swim &/or Bike &/or Run:  9:00 am, from Beachway Park on Lakeshore Blvd. Beginning on June 10.  Swim depends on water temp.

Monday:  Your day off!


Thanks for coming to the TCoB Open House Today!
Our annual Open House was well attended today, and we thank you if you were able to stop by and visit us.  Our uniform sales were brisk, the membership table was busy thru out the event, and many members (renewing and new) enjoyed visiting with each other and our sponsors.
Be sure to look out for the photo taken by SNAP Burlington, to appear in the May 1st issue.
I would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors who attended today.  Without their support, the TCoB could not offer  the quality training opportunities we do!
Thank  you Greg (PACEPerformance), Blair (Movement Solutions), Joe (Neworld Runners), Joanna (Health Quarters), Fareen (Burlington Orthotics), and James (Element Racing).  Your presence, donations of door prizes, and sample treatments were greatly appreciated by all of our members!
Thanks to Wade Group, Aldershot Dental, Foot Tools and Brian Carr for your generous donations of door prizes.
If you did not get a chance to visit the Open House today, you can register here on-line, see our summer schedule and see links to all of our sponsor websites on our new site.
The first brick workout is this Tuesday, April 24 at 6:30pm at Bayview Crematorium, 740 Spring Gardens Rd.  There will be special emphasis on skills, and instruction on this first brick workout.
Happy Training,